The Promise of the Lord in Jeremiah 29:11

It is so easy, in our hectic and fast paced lives, to get worried about how things will turn out in life. AS life gets busier and busier, we become worried and anxious about our future; wondering how we will make ends meet financially and then working harder and harder to defeat that struggle. We rely on our job and ourselves in order to secure our future, we come out short.

God makes a promise in Jeremiah 29:11 that says, ” ‘For I know the plans I have for you.’ says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.'” With this promise, why are we worrying about life? Why is it so hard to rely on God instead of trying to fix it ourselves? God promises us a future and in that we can have hope.

Recently, I was seeking ways to help me not worry about my future and let God take control. I read a book called, The Mental Toughness Handbook by Damon Zahariades. The book talks about being mentally tough and gives tips on how to accomplish this. One of the tasks the author discusses is the Sisu Mindset. Here is the Sisu Mindset:

  1. Refuse to let your circumstances overwhelm you.
  2. Commit to taking action
  3. Practice emotional resilience every day
  4. Anticipate problems

I want to encourage you to try this but add a bit of a biblical twist on it.

  1. Refuse to let your circumstances overwhelm you. When you feel like things are going wrong and you aren’t sure how they will work out, remember all that God has done for you this far and remember He is the one writing your story.
  2. Commit to taking action. Have you ever heard the story about two farmers who were praying for rain? One prepared his field and the other did not. Who do you think got what he prayed for? Taking action does not mean coming up with our plan to fix things or make our future. Sometimes it means taking care of the things we current;y have action to take care of. For example, if you are waiting on the chance to purchase a home, pay off the debt that you have and work towards a better credit score.
  3. Practice emotional resilience every day. In order to do this one, we need God. When you begin to feel anxious, pray or spend time in God’s word. You will notice a peace in doing this and it will help you fight anxiety and have emotional resilience.
  4. Anticipate problems. As always, bumps in the road will happen. It doesn’t mean you have failed, it just means that life happens. Don’t feel defeated when problems arise. Just remember they will come and when they come, jump right back into these steps to face the problems.

Although it is hard to have faith in times of trouble, keep seeking God in the times of trial.

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